March 29th: Update – Taray, Peru

An update written by my friend Milagros who has been helping the people in many communities in the Sacred Valley.  This is from March 25th:

There is a small school project that was working in Taray, Wiñaypaq . This school gives free education to many children of communities and has a clear orientation towards the respect of mother earth and living in communion with it. Their official web site is not updated but here we give you a link of the permaculture association that works with them and shows more photos of what the school was like before March 1st when the river washed the complete school away.

Now they are in the process of putting together a place where they can continue the school in the community of Huandar because it is not safe to rebuild in Taray.

Before the flooding

After the flooding

We went today with Marcos to give them a small contribution for the process of rebuilding the school in Huandar. Next week they are going to start the building and we will be able to take some pictures and share them with you.

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