Goddess Hoops!

I was recently blessed with another opportunity of creating a ‘community’ of 10 hoops that are going to be given by a really cool guy Ed to some beautiful goddesses in Kelowna.  I decided that this community of Kelowna goddess hoops were going to be designed and named by the community of some goddesses in Winnipeg, Calgary, Pisac (Peru), and Canmore.  All of which either have a hoop already, or were an integral part in this hoop making fundraiser.  It was truly beautiful how people came up with totally unique designs to represent them and to offer this to others. 

Here is a picture of the hoops, and hoop names and creators (from top hoop to bottom hoop):

JewelianneCori (Calgary)  Cori and I did yoga teacher training together.  She has a few hoops that she rotates between, one of which got to go to Costa Rica with her!

PowerAle (Pisac)  Ale and I met a couple years ago in Peru.  My medicine sister!  She bought a hoop about a year ago and was the first one to have one in Pisac.

HaloStacy (Winnipeg)  I teach yoga to Stacy and her husband Scott.  They offered up their house for hoopmaking, sleeping, and sharing great food and wine with us.  Stacy helped me tape a few of the hoops.

Sandra DeeJenny (Winnipeg)  My sister, who has a couple hoops and bought one to donate to the Winnipeg Police Service.  Yay for police hooping.  I love the white/pink camo hoop!

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching (Glow Hoop)Rebecca (Winnipeg)  Rebecca bought the first glow hoop I ever made last year.  She is wicked cool and loves hooping.

LunaNat (Canmore)  Nat has the ‘Mermaid’ hoop that she designed last year when I was living in Canmore.  She gave me a massage once and we got to listen to Lenny Kravitz.  It was cool.  It is the mermaid hoop that has led to these 10 hoops really… that is how I met Ed!

EarthAle (Pisac)  She came up to visit from Peru, so she got to design 2 hoops.

LunaChelsey (Winnipeg)  I met Chelsey last year at a retreat in Winnipeg.  She has a couple hoops and comes up with wicked funky cool designs.  She also loves Peru.

RadianceKristen (Canmore)  Kristen and I met through yoga teacher training as well.  She is my ‘Didi’!  Big sister.  She is a radiant goddess that has supported my hoopmaking from the get-go.  We’ve hooped in Canmore and Mexico together.

SterlingScott (Winnipeg)  Scott is Stacy’s husband and has blessed us with being the only guy designing a hoop.  ‘Sterling’ is based on one of his ties.  He is a really amazing cook and created some amazing nourishing food while we stayed with them.

  1. TWO LUNA’S! Yipee! They look fantastic Sarah, keep creating, and always dream:)

  2. Awesomness, hoopiness and gratitude.
    live, laugh, play, and pray

    1. Yay for power and earth. Thanks for the hoopy. xo

    2. LOVE it.

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