Special Thanks

I would like to give special thanks to not only all of you who purchased hoops to support this fundraiser, but others who contributed in other ways to make it all happen…

My dog Otto – for his patience and love during my busy schedule, and frequently having to sleep in a room filled with hoops and materials

Noah Krol and Peg City Yoga – for letting me make and store hoops at the studio, and for being so awesome!

Scott and Stacy Wilson – for letting and helping me make and store hoops at their house, feeding me, and tons and tons more

Heather and Holly – for letting me store hoops in the house and tape hoops until the wee hours of the night

Dr. Bill Cooke at Osborne Dental – for donating a bunch of toothbrushes

Griff Hirayama and Jenny Kucheran – for letting me use their cars to deliver hoops after my car was smashed up

Milagros Casaverde – for organizing logistics in Peru and for all of the work she is doing here

Chris Werstiuk – for creating the hoopinfinite website

FreshCafe – for feeding me such beautiful love filled food

Lululemon Polo Park – for helping to promote hoopinfinite and hosting some fun hoopyoga classes

Kristen Stuart – for all of her promoting and love in Canmore

…and there are more hooping plans in the works for the next couple months and also when I return from Peru in August.  More hoop making and a new initiative that we will be supporting in Peru.  This time are thinking jungle hoops….stay tuned for details.

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