*Imp. Deets* Opening, closing, and caring for your Hoop!

How to open and close your HoopInfinite hoop:

To open:  Click here for a video!

1)      Locate the 2 ‘connectors’ on your hoop.  (These are 2 grey pieces that connect the tubing together.)  There is no tape on the connectors.

2)      With one hand, keep the connectors touching each other.  Use your other hand to open the smaller hoops into a figure 8, or infinity shape. ( ∞ )  The connectors sit one on top of another in the center of the shape.  Lay the hoop on the floor.

3)      Place one foot on either side of the connector that is closest to the floor and gently press down with your foot.  With your hands, pull up on the hoop.  The hoop will look wobbly and uneven.  You can try hooping with it if you would like.

4)      Or, to form your hoop into a circle, keep a connector on the floor, holding it down with your foot.  With you hands, twist (or rotate) your hoop to straighten it into a circle.

5)      Flip your hoop around, putting the connector that was up by your hands now onto the floor and repeat step 4).  Repeat if necessary.

To close:  Click here for a video!

1)      Place one connector on the floor.  With one foot on either side of the connector that is closest to the floor, gently press down with your foot.

2)      Press down on the top of the hoop with your hands, pressing the connectors together on the floor.  Be sure the tubing rotates as you press down on the hoop.  The hoop will make a figure 8, or infinity shape. ( ∞ )

3)      Holding the connectors together with one hand, flip the hoop over, and place the hoop back on the floor.

4)      Keeping the connectors together, fold the opposite ends of the hoop together to touch and press one end under the other end. 

5)      Adjust the tubing a bit so that one end of the hoop will lock underneath the other.  Re-adjust if necessary.  The 2 smaller hoops should stay ‘locked’ together for easy transport.

6)      You can always tie a string, piece of Velcro, yoga strap, tie, scarf, or sock around it so it is extra secure.

 Caring for your hoop:

To keep your hoop looking and feeling its best: 

  • Give it a name.  The hoops enjoy that.
  • Try listening to music while hooping.  The hoops enjoy that too.
  • Store it in room temperature.
  • Store it open as one larger hoop (especially if you have sparkly, mirror, or glow tape – as the tape can crack with excessive twisting).
  • To maximize charge on glow-in-the-dark hoops, do not regularly leave them to bake in the sun.  Don’t store it outside all summer in direct sunlight.  Over time, excessive sunlight can actually suck the charge from the tape.  They don’t require a long charge to glow almost all night.  They can be charged indoors or outside. 
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