Hoops travel to Africa and Peru

I have recently recieved some photos from a couple ‘love-infused’ people who sent me photos of hoops they donated or hoops that HoopInfinite donated that I would love to share.


First, Africa. I met a woman named Patricia at the airport in Winnipeg when I was leaving on a hoop trip shortly before Peru.  She was on her way to Africa with World Vision and I offered to donate a couple hoops for her to bring there and donate.  She was super sweet, and sent me these photos to share with you.  She writes:

“My trip to Zambia was great. We were able to meet so many people, including numerous sponsor children. It was so great to hear their stories and learn more about them. I gave the hoops to my sponsor child Idah, and my friends Anna’s sponsor child Maggie.  I have attached a few (photos) of Idah receiving her hoop and me demonstrating how to use it. I think it was the first time she had ever seen one, but I have a feeling it won’t take her long to catch on!  Thanks again for sharing you wonderful talent with me, and these two beautiful girls in Kalomo, Zambia. I know they will bring many moments of happiness and joy :-)” 

Now, we go to Peru.


Ed, an inspiring awesome man from Calgary, and a big supporter of HoopInfinite Hoops, recently visited Peru with his brother and daugthers. He also hooped at Machu Picchu and donated HoopInfinite hoops there.  I think that is awesome! Apparently his sacred site hooping caused quite a stir and the people were loving it.   The pictures above are ones that he sent me of him hooping at Machu Picchu and at a small town just outside of Chinchera called Usabamba where one of the hoops found a new home.  Hooray!

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