Bio – Sarah

My Intention:

Arriving in Peru with my glow hoop!

My intention is to live in joy.  Joy is in everything, in everyone.  Hoops bring joy to those who use them and joy to people recieving funds from your purchase.  Joy in the power to rebuild their communities, live their dreams, and perhaps a sense of ease to their lives from not having to worry about money.

Other forms of joy are from hooping itself.  Laughter, smiling, opening up to the inner child in all of us – from stepping into a hula hoop and swirling it around.  It offers a lightness, an opportunity to surrender and have some fun.

Kids Hooping at the Winnipeg Folk Festival

Kids Hooping - Winnipeg Folk Festival

I am a certified yoga teacher in Winnipeg, Canada and I also am a designated accountant.  …an interesting combo I think.  I got a hula hoop as a gift from a friend about 4 years ago.  When I brought the hoop home I was hooked.

You may have seen me hooping on Portage Avenue, on my lunch break in the middle of downtown, or on a random boulevard…even hoopwalking down the street with my dog. 😉

I never expected back in 2010 that I would 1. start hula hooping 2. start making hoops 3. teach so many people how to find their your flow with their hoops…and be supported so fully to do so!  It all just sort of happened…I listened and jumped in with both feet.  To date hundreds of hoops made, hundreds of kids creating their own hoops, lots of new hoopers, and thousands of dollars delivered to others in need.  So much joy for me and others on so many levels.  Thanks for all of the support. xo

11 things I love about hoops and hooping: (in no particular order):

  1. Creating color combos and designs to tape on the hoops.
  2. Testing each hoop by dancing with it and blessing it.
  3. Each hoop is unique.  Just like every hooper!
  4. Hula hooping tones my abs and my whole upper body.  Yay for hooping above the head.
  5. When people say “Aren’t you a little old for that?”  For having fun?  Um, no.
  6. Watching people hoop after they say they can’t.  …and they are even smiling too.
  7. Putting on some music, connecting with the hoop, and dancing with it.  I love that.
  8. Hooping outside…even when it’s -30 degrees.
  9. Learning new hoop tricks and flowy hoop dancing.  You can do so much more than hoop around your waist!
  10. I can bring my collapsible hoop with me anywhere in the world.
  11. When people call me ‘the hoop lady’.


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