Goldenboy Hoop at Machu Picchu

We use high-quality solid colours and specialty tapes like mirrored, holographic, glitter, sequence, and glow-in-the-dark. HoopInfinite hoops are available in many different color/tape combinations and we invite you to design one on your own or let us design one especially for you!

**Already have a hoop?  We now offer a RE-NEW service where we’ll re-tape your existing hoop for $30!  Less plastic and cost, and more beauty and hooping.  We want your hoop to last as long as possible. Please indicate when ordering.

Thank you for ordering a Hoop!

The larger and heavier the hoop, generally the easier to learn to hoop.  Hoops are ¾” in Diameter and approx.39” tall.  Custom sizes (smaller or larger) are available upon request.

  • ¾” Diameter hoop – $50 , $80 (glow-in-the-dark)
  • NOTE: I now protect all glitter/shiny/sparkly/glow tape with a layer of clear tape, to extend the beauty of your hoop and to eliminate cracking of fancy tapes.  If you would like your hoop 100% protected (the entire hoop clear taped and water-resistant) please indicate when ordering.

The same principles apply for kids hoops.  It can seem strange to have a hoop that is much taller than the child, but the ¾” kids hoops are great for kids 5 and up.  I’ve seen many 4 year old kids rock out on 36” tall, ¾” diameter hoops.  Please indicate if it is for a child when ordering and I will adjust the size accordingly.

4 Styles:

1)  CandyCane –

  • Option 1) Choose 1 specialty tape and 1-2 solid tapes. (or no specialty and 2-3 solid)
  • Option 2)  Glow-in-the-dark – Same design as CandyCane.  But choose 1 specialty, 1 solid or 1- 2 solid.  Glow tape is added and is light yellow in color , industrial strength, and will glow for up to 12 hours on one single charge.



2)  CrissCross Same as CandyCane, but choose one other solid tape to be wrapped the opposite direction.










3)  Chunky Choose up to 5 solid or specialty tapes and we will tape your hoop a mix of styles using all of the tapes.











4)  Chakra Choose from 7 colors – red, orange, yellow, green, cobalt blue, purple, or white/silver or gold






5)  Weighted Water Hoops – These hoops are larger in diameter and heavier than standard collapsible hoops.  They can be taped in any style you choose.  They are $70ea. (add $30 for glow)

Or, tell us your favorite colors, a theme, or simply ask us to create a unique hoop for you.  We love to do that.

*Please note:  Tapes are in limited quantities.  We will do our best to create exactly what you ask for, however tape color substitutions may be required in some cases.



Solid Colors: red, flour.orange, yellow, fluor.green, dark green, olive green, blue, indigo blue, teal, purple, fluor. pink, soft pink, burgundy, white, gray, black, brown, tan

Specialty: mirror (gold, silver,blue ice, orchid/purple(*new), rubellite/raspberry pink(*new)) sparkly (silver, gold, aquamarine(*new), cobalt blue, pink, raspberry (*new), orange, yellow, cherry red, fluor.green, orchid (purple)) glitter (*new) (chili pepper red, lilac) holographic (kryptonite rainbow (*new), sunset golden opal (*new), fuschia confetti (*new), gold or pink prism (*new), metallic polka dot/white background (*new) (silver, fuschia)

Local (Winnipeg) hoop orders placed online will be available for pick up.  (Details provided at time of order.)

We ship hoops anywhere in Canada, the US., or International

  • Shipping in Canada:  Please add $20/1 hoop (add $5 each addn’l hoop)
  • Shipping to the US:   Please add $25/1 hoop (add $5 each addn’l hoop)
  • International orders email for pricing

Please contact us via email hoopinfinite@hotmail.com for order details.  We accept payment by cash, cheque, Interac email money transfer, and PayPal.

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