Amber hanging out in a field, with her fire hoop.

Amber is a beautiful fire hooping goddess who has recently joined the the HoopInfinite tribe!  She will also be crafting love-infused hoops and you may see her co-instructing a class or two…  Welcome, Amber!

Amber – on hooping and other awesome things:

I have been living my dream inside a hoop for several years now.  Being awestruck by the creative beauty six years ago at a festival in BC I was immediately inspired to pick up a hoop and learn the ins and outs of it.  The grace, joy, and freedom of dance that came from hooping has been nothing short of spectacular.  Starting with instructional videos from HoopGirl and online tutorials I stumbled my way through years of backyard hooping.

I knew I was serious when I purchased my first LED hoop for $250.00 online.  When you spend that much on a hula hoop you know things are for real!  I began to expand my bag of tricks and became more free within this art form as time progressed.  Being connected with something that has no end, no beginning, and no middle has taught me a lot.

I have been so priveledged over the years to perform fire hoop (among other fire toys) with groups such as The Fire Pyxies, Gravity Still Works, Wildfire, Avani Soul, my own project of Bohemian Fire Fusion, and duo Hot and Bothered with my partner Ian Mikita.  All of these performers have shared with me their creativity, knowledge, enthusiasm, and inspiration.  For all of these reasons I am ever humble and appreciative of everything they’ve taught me.  Being able to share the love I have for dancing, hooping, and rocking out with fire to audiences is something I am extremely grateful for.

I am also one of the luckiest girls to have Sarah in my life.  Sarah is a hooping Goddess that shares her vibrancy, energy, and joy with everyone she meets.  Her hoops are blessed with love and laughter – and we are blessed for having her!!! xoxoxo

To everyone out there – KEEP HOOPING AND SEE YOU ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!!!!

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